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Africa Fashion Week Brasil is part of the African circuit
Fashion Week London and African Fashion Week Nigeria founded
by Queen Ronke in 2011 and is in its 13th edition.

Fashion has been the platform to show where design
African and its diversity has stood out in the diaspora
Africa, in response to a repressed demand of this
portion of society that seeks an identity with its style
of life in synergy with their ancestry.

Africa Fashion Week (AFW) is one of the pillars to supply this
gap and project African stylization, through the encouragement and
promoting new designers who want exposure and don’t have
resources to present your collections and your

The event also brings together renowned designers promoting
interaction between generations, activation of brands, workshops of
industry innovation, B2B, B2C, export, import and meeting
private with investors.

AFWB is a tool to combat STRUCTURAL RACISM that still keeps the fashion market Eurocentric.

“The main focus is to use the fashion as an instrument of sustainability and social change."


Our team

Ademiluyi Ronke
Ademiluyi Ronke Founder of AFWL, AFWN, and Curator of AFWB.
The African Fashion Week (AFW) was conceived by Queen Ronke Ademiluyi Ogunwusi (great-granddaughter of the late Ooni Ajagun Ademiluyi, the King of the Kingdom of Ife, now located in Osun State, Nigeria) in 2011 in London and in 2014 it had its first Nigerian edition. Today, with 12 years of history, AFW is one of the most important fashion events in the UK and West Africa. In 2018, AFW signed a deal with the FEAFRO International Institute to transfer know-how and technology for the event to be held in Brazil.
Silvana Saraiva
Silvana Saraiva CEO and General Director of AFWB.
The AFW (Africa Fashion Week) is coming to Brazil through the entrepreneur Silvana Saraiva, who owns the patent for organizing the event in the country. She has been working for 17 years promoting bilateral relations between Brazil and Africa, organizing the FEAFRO INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS FAIR, and serving as the president of the Chamber of Commerce Brazil Africa Cedeao FEAFRO. With her know-how in organizing FEAFRO, she will bring delegations of buyers mainly from African countries with interest in various fashion products, such as clothing, accessories, footwear, beauty products, decorations, etc., to the event.
Carlos Cruz
Carlos Cruz Vice-President and Casting Director of AFWB
Born in Salvador, Carlos José de Santana Cruz, 27 years old, model, entrepreneur, and digital influencer, better known as "The King of the Favela," a name he adopted to honor his grandfather, is one of the inspirations for black youth, especially in Salvador. His life story is motivating and inspires other young people to believe in their potential, that black individuals can achieve anything they want and fulfill their dreams. In addition to being a model, influencer, and entrepreneur, Carlos has recently stood out as a casting director and has produced some photographic projects and fashion shows, some of them at the largest fashion week in Brazil (São Paulo Fashion Week) and Casa de Criadores.
Rodrigo Los Maneros
Rodrigo Los Maneros Commercial Management or Business Management.
Rodrigo Braga is the Financial Vice President of the Brasil África CEDEAO FEAFRO Chamber of Commerce, also known as Ecowas Brazil Chamber of Commerce. He also holds the position of Vice President of the Feafro International Institute, in addition to being a partner at Feafro Corporation and Silvana Saraiva Cultural Marketing and Events. Currently, he is also the overall coordinator for FEAFRO CORPORATION's international branches in Angola, Togo, Benin, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal, and Cape Verde, as well as the branches in Miami and Mexico City.
Ivani Beserra
Ivani Beserra Executive Producer.
Executive Producer at África Fashion Brasil Graduated in Events, with more than 10 years of experience in the area of event production, I work in corporate and social events, parades, private events, shows and fairs. Expertise in the entire event cycle, from preparation, marketing, planning, operation and final delivery.
- Executive Producer 2022Seminar on Business Opportunities with Africa
- Marcha para Jesus 2014 - 250 people, responsible for the VIP area
- ABAV Fair – Tourism –2015 - 13 thousand people
- Gotex Show Parade – 5000 visitors
- Feafro 2016 – Business roundtable
- Shimano 2016 – Jockey Club - Sports Fair

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