1st edition of African Fashion Week is confirmed in Brazil

African Fashion Week takes place on the 25th, 26th and 27th of May 2023 at Expo Center Norte, in São Paulo.

A preliminary meeting promoted by Instituto Internacional Feafro, official organizer of AFW BR, took place last Tuesday (28) in Vila Madalena (SP).

Chaired by businesswoman Silvana Saraiva, the launch of AFW Brasil is the result of the persistent work of Feafro, with the aim of bringing international importance to African fashion and cuisine, although in national territory we have not hosted an event of such importance even though Brazil is a people mostly black and brown.

“Africa Fashion Week Brasil is part of the African Fashion
Week London and African Fashion Week Nigeria circuit, conceived and founded by  Queen Ronke Ademiluyem  in 2011, and which is in its 13th edition. Accessible, Inclusive, Diverse and Sustainable are values ​​that constitute the pillars of the proposal of African Fashion Week Brasil”, emphasizes Silvana Saraiva.

Silvana Saraiva – President of Feafro (photo: publicity)

An event as a whole 

The program includes African gastronomy and Afro fashion, provoking changes in style patterns in the food and textile sector.

Brazilian actress, singer and songwriter Thalma de Freitas also attended the event (photo: publicity)


In an exclusive interview with DIÁRIO, Solange Barbosa, with a degree in History, Tourismologist, Director of Tourism at ECOWAS – Feafro Brasil, comments on the freedom route:

“The freedom route has been working with traditional black communities with routes in quilombola communities. This year, the investment of the freedom route will be in itineraries aimed at the Quilombo da Fazenda, taking into account the question of gastronomy, but also regenerative tourism within the Quilombo and with Quilombo Cafundó, Quilombo do Jaó and Quilombo dos Juerios where we will work on the issue of fashion .”

Solange Barbosa – Director of Tourism at ECOWAS – Feafro Brasil (photo: Geovana Fraga)

“This year we are going to work with the professionalization of tourism and I will also be working on scripts in Afrotourism. Because it’s a very important thing. Afro tourism is growing very fast and we need professionals who know how to make itineraries.” ends

Expected role

The event workforce consists of 90% of the AFW circuit, made up of black, women, LGBTQIA+, fashion students and marginalized communities that offer a unique experience at a major event.

In the three days of the event, there will be 8 shows by African designers and 8 by Brazilians. 50 B2B meetings per day (the three days add up to 150), 10 spaces for brand activation, 2 rooms for workshops and lectures (simultaneous), 2000m² for stands and activations and 1 food court, 1 cowork, 1 VIP room, 1 press room, Caex and dressing rooms.


Location: Expo Center Norte

Days: 25th, 26th and 27th of May 2023

Value: Free

Hours: 10 am to 6 pm (every day)